Deadpool Movie Review

Deadpool Movie Review
One of the movies we have been waiting for in 2016 – Deadpool. This is the reason why you should watch the hilarious yet adventurous movie – Deadpool.

On the night of Chinese New Year I got the chance to watch Deadpool at MBO Kepong Village. It was the 1st day of deadpool premiere. I bought my ticket around 9.00 pm, there was still few seat available for 12.00 am show. So blessed I got to watch this! Even when I’m already tired after celebrating CNY with my relatives.

lepak at starbuck before the movie start

So here is what I thought about Deadpool Movie

Opening of deadpool is what keeps you want to watch Deadpool more. It was different than other super heroes movie. Ryan Reynold plays as Wade Wilson who also is Deadpool. He portrait the character so good, so humorous you can imagine as a superhero.

So, all of comic-superhero addict out there don’t forget to watch Deadpool. You won’t be disappointed!

I tend to keep this post spoiler-free, so you can watch it over the weekend with your friends or family. But here some of the character shown so you can be more excited. Teehee~~


Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Angel Dust

Blind Al

Make sure you don’t miss out this movie!
Atheera Dayana
Atheera Dayana